Our Services

  1. Data collection, compilation and information sharing with the member organisations
  2. Providing legal updates relevant to our members
  3. Holding Seminars, Workshops, Interactive sessions and Conferences for the benefit of member organisations
  4. Liasioning with the Government
  5. Publishing, on the subjects which are of relevance to member organisations

More about our Services

Employee Relations

KEA is sensitive on the latest developments and changes in the area of Employers Relations in the State and in the country and proactively takes up the causes before the appropriate Forums.


Information Service

The KEA is a major source of information to its Members. KEA regularly informs the members trends & changes in Labour & Economic Policies of Central & State Governments, issues in the area of Labour legistations, industrial relations etc.

Research and Information

KEA maintains latest collection of Collective Agreements, Labour statistics, to serve the purpose of analysis and guidance to members.